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What are the signs to identify your period cramps are not normal?

A period is a part of your menstrual cycle in which you bleed from your vagina for a few days. Your menstrual cycle is a monthly series of changes that take place in your body and make you ready for being pregnant. Your menstrual cycle can be of 21 to 35/40 days. In the initial years, your menstrual cycle is longer. It gets shorter and comes down to 21 days as you age. Usually, you have abdominal pain and bleeding. The pain and associated things are period cramps that can be normal or abnormal. You can consult the best IVF doctor in Bangalore or your locality to know what you should when your period cramps are not normal. Here are the signs that can help you you have abnormal period cramps:

  • Interruption in your daily activities – Usually, your period doesn’t create any problems in your daily life. However, an abnormal pain during your period can bring discomfort in your life. And you might have to take off from your work or you might not be able to do your household work. You might have to consult a gynaecologist or expert of reproductive health. For some of you, taking steps out of your home can be difficult for you. Call a doctor or an ambulance if it happens to you.
  • No relief from the use of painkillers – In general, people take painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen to counter their severe pain. Approximately 20% of females with monthly discomfort get relief from painkillers. Your period cramps are not normal when painkillers don’t help you have relief. You should never go beyond the prescribed dosage. Instead, you should consult your doctor to treat your abnormal period cramps. You should follow your doctor’s advice and instructions.
  • Longer menstrual cramps – As per respective experts, discomfort for 2-3 days in a menstrual cycle is normal. However, bleeding lasting for two to seven days is normal. You must act instantly and see your doctor if your period cramps last for more than 3 days. Cramps might start just before a day or on the day you have bleeding in a menstrual cycle. The cramps should not continue even after the end of your period.
  • Random pelvic pain –  There is no pelvic pain during the period of a menstrual cycle. Many females experience such pain and consider it a normal thing in their life. As a conscious female, you should never consider it normal if it occurs to you. Pelvic pain with period cramps is not a good sign. It is a sign of abnormal period cramps. You should act instantly and visit your doctor to seek her advice.
  • No feeling of normal cramps – You must take your concern seriously if you feel you have abnormal cramps. Worrying about it doesn’t work. You need to act soon. See your doctor. Before making your appointments with a doctor, you can talk to your mother, friends or a close one. However, interacting with a respective doctor and getting it sorted out is better for you.
  • Other signs – Apart from above signs of abnormal period cramps, you may have other symptoms. These symptoms could be heavy bleeding, pain while having physical intimacy, irregular cycles, cramps with diarrhoea and nausea.

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How to manage abnormal period cramps?

Apart from visiting your doctor, you should make a few changes in your daily life. Here are some useful steps that can help you a lot when your period cramps are not normal:

  • Be physically active on a regular basis
  • Perform aerobic exercises for 30 minutes for at least 3 days a week. As per a 2015 study, aerobic exercises are helpful in managing abnormal period cramps
  • Apply a heating pad on your lower abdominal area
  • Have a warm bath
  • Keep your stress at a lower level or avoid being stressed
  • Take supplements that are rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins B 1 & 6, and magnesium


Severe period cramps are not good for your health. You should be familiar with your body and the associated signs. As you feel your period cramps are abnormal, you must see your doctor. The signs mentioned above are enough to know your period cramps are not normal. They are a warning for having an instant action you should take for bringing relief.

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