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Top 5 Hair Transplant Myths Debunked

If you are someone that is suffering from hair fall and hair then there is a high chance that you must have thought of getting a hair transplant. Although there has been an increase in the number of people that get hair transplants in the world, there is still a huge number of people that have mixed opinions about it and this is because they believe in the useless myths that are spread around.   

It is very important to address these myths, say the top doctors that perform the best hair transplant in Karachi to keep people away from confusion. This is because hair transplant is one of the best decisions one can make for themself to look great and feel great.

All these myths can make people who want to get a hair transplant not try and give up completely in front of their baldness and hair loss. 

Let’s have a look at the myths. 

Myth 1:  Only men go for hair transplants

This myth is something that has made women think that they have to stay bald and hairless all their lives. Some women think that these fallen hairs will come back when they will not be coming back. They wait for them and when they dont come back they stop waiting for them to grow.

But this is so not true as hair transplant is something that men and women both can go for. So, to all the ladies out there, it is best that you get a hair transplant done as soon as you get to see your hair falling. Just like male pattern baldness, there is female pattern baldness. 

Myth 2: Hair transplant looks like fake hair

With new and improved technology, it has been observed that hair transplant hair doesn’t look like it is fake. It looks as real as it can get. With advanced equipment and technology, there is no way that a hair transplant can look like fake hair. 

Once new hair starts to grow, it starts to blend in with the existing hair, and that gives it a more natural look and makes the hair appear more beautiful than before.

A lot of people are extremely happy with their hair right after the hair transplant. it has been seen that hair starts to look more fuller and real after the hair transplant. So, go and get that hair transplant done right now and stop believing in this myth.  

Myth 3: Hair Transplant gives immediate results

Well, that is completely wrong as a hair transplant can never provide you with results instantly. It does take time and sometimes the time can be more than 6 months. It does take time for the hair to grow from roots slowly. 

So to expect that the results will be there before the time of 5 months is completely wrong. And the hair that has grown takes almost a time of one year to get thick or it can be a year and a half. And after this time the hair growth starts to stabilize.

As of now, it must have been clear to you that getting a hair transplant doesn’t work like magic and it doesn’t give instant results. 

Myth 4: You need special care after getting a transplant

Now, this is not right, as this is not true. Getting a hair translate means the insertion of permanent hair that sticks to the scalp. This doesn’t mean fake hair can be attached and detached. 

A lot of people also think that special medications are to be taken in order to keep the hair keep growing. This however is just a myth. There is no need for special medicines or any products that can make the hair grow fast or stay there for a longer time.

Again, the same thing should be kept in mind hair transplants do not need anything to work better. 

Myth 5: Someone else’s hair can be used in the hair transplant

This is a complete myth as this is not true. There is no way that someone else’s body hair can be used as your permanent hair to give you a hair transplant. 

The only hair that can be used to give you a hair transplant bar is the hair that is present on the back of the head. And these are used only if they are present in abundance. During the process of hair transplant, some of the hair is removed and reimplanted in the balding and thinning areas. 


A hair transplant is a procedure that is widely encouraged to be done in this era, People that have balding issues or that do not know how to grow their fallen hair back must go for a transplant and should stay away from all kinds of myths that can change your mind from getting a transplant.

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