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Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Conditions

Dealing with chronic pain can make your daily life difficult. When you are searching for a physical therapist in Findlay, Montrose, or the surrounding areas, PT Link Physical Therapy is ready to help. You will meet with a therapist for an evaluation and be able to talk about your goals for treatment. While there isn’t always a cure for chronic pain, there are ways to help ease your symptoms.

You’re Physical Therapy in Grand Junction Assessment

During your first appointment with a therapist here at PT Link Physical Therapy, you will undergo a series of tests to evaluate your condition. Range of motion in affected joints may be measured, as will your strength to see where you are at a baseline. You will be asked questions about your medical history, and you will have an opportunity to talk with the physical therapist about any of your concerns. Once your assessment is complete, a treatment plan is developed with your help. Treatment can begin either after your assessment, or at your next appointment.

Slowly Reaching Your Therapy Goals

Your physical therapy goals are set by you and your physical therapist. You will identify measurable goals so that it is possible to track your progress. It will take some time to reach the goals that you and your physical therapist have set for you. You might partially reach goals in the first few weeks, or need to develop further goals as you go through treatment.

What to Expect During Physical Therapy in Montrose

During your treatment here at PT Link Physical Therapy, you might learn new strengthening exercises, receive hot or cold therapy, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, or ultrasound. The physical therapist will ask you how you have been feeling since your last appointment, and you will have the chance to point out any new concerns if you have them. Appointments will be several times a week during your early stages of treatment. Eventually you will see the physical therapist once a week, until you are discharged from treatment.

Home Exercises and Your Progress

You may be prescribed a home exercise program to work on your strength and stamina in between therapy sessions. Do your exercises as prescribed, and ask your physical therapist if you are not sure how to do one. If an exercise hurts, it’s important to stop the exercise and let your physical therapist know. Exercises are designed to build up your strength slowly, without pain. If an exercise causes pain, this means that it is too difficult for you to do right now. Chronic pain can be hard to manage, but you can get stronger to help ease some of your pain. Work with your physical therapist, and commit to your home exercise program for maximum benefit.

Get the Physical Therapy You Need

If pain is stopping you from loving your best life, it’s time to see how physical therapy in Montrose can help. Call us at PT Link Physical Therapy in Grand Junction to set up your initial consultation. You can improve your overall well-being and decrease pain with the help of physical therapy.

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