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Lasik Laser Surgery Success Rates: How Safe is Eye Surgery in 2023?

If you are seeking to improve your vision, Lasik surgery is the right option. It is difficult to consider the eye surgery success rate. But FDA has given approval for many reasons, making it a safe and successful refractive treatment.

According to the survey, 90% of people achieve 20/20 eyesight. If you are thinking about getting Lasik surgery, this is a good thing. Book an appointment with the best eye hospital in Ranchi to get accurate insights about Lasik surgery.

About Lasik Eye Surgery: Lasik surgery procedure uses laser technology to correct your vision. It is a risk-free surgical treatment that involves corneal reshaping and restoring your sight. The success rate of Lasik surgery has been outstanding over the years, providing clear vision to millions of people.

Is Lasik Surgery Safe?

Lasik is the best option, it’s a simple and effective method that gives you an excellent result and you can get a clear vision permanently.

The eye doctor carefully checks the eye and its issues before starting the treatment. Before starting the treatment, examined any hidden medical problems.

The testing process insure the patient a very safe and secure Lasik operation.

If you want about getting Lasik laser surgery in Ranchi , India to correct your eye vision, you can contact the top eye surgeon who has many years of experience.

The success rate of Lasik Laser eye surgery: With the latest eye laser technology, there are many advancements. The success rate of Lasik surgery has increased last some years. The emergence of modern art technology, custom designed and progressive surgical techniques have made the procedure much easier and safer.

we cannot say that Lasik surgery is a risk-free surgical operation. But nowadays latest surgical procedure, most patients can expect to achieve excellent results after the patients follow the recommendation given by the doctor. Although the Lasik surgery success rate can some different, most of the patients who have Lasik surgery get good results like 20/40 or better eyesight.

According to the research, more than 90% of patients obtain 20/20 vision. The success rate of Lasik surgery is 96% satisfaction.

Common Side Effects of Lasik:

Here is some common side effects of Lasik eye surgery.

  1. Temporary discomfort
  2. Dry Eyes
  3. Vision disturbance
  4. Itchy eyes
  5. Eye vision fluctuations

Most of the side effects are often mild, only one percent of patients report the side effects that faces the problem in their daily lives.

Is Lasik better than Glasses and Contacts?

Yes, Lasik surgery can be better than Glasses and Contacts, It depends upon the people. According to an AAO (American Academy of Opthalmology) meeting, Lasik improves night vision when you are driving as compared to glasses and contacts. It reduces the rates of eye infections, ulcers, and eye abrasions. Lasik resulted in a higher level of satisfaction as compared to contacts.


Lasik eye surgery can be effective as compared to glasses and contact lenses. While It can be risks associated with the procedures, they are fewer and can be easily managed with proper safe care. So, follow your doctor’s advice and instruction before and after the treatment. The result of Lasik Surgery is effective and safe, you can get crystal clear vision.

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