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How to Stay Hydrated As An Athlete

Athletics and pushing yourself constantly wears down your body fast. You have to stay hydrated to keep a healthy mindset.

Tips to Stay Hydrated Daily

Set Standards for Breaks in Your Workouts

When you finish up on the squat rack, on the court, or on the field, how do you spend your break time? Are you replenishing and helping your body, or just resting? Your body needs nutrients, and water is the foundation of that need. Without a strong intake of water, you’re going to struggle with staying hydrated in between workouts. This impacts your performance heavily and allows your body to wear down more easily. Set an amount of water you have to drink every break, or just remind yourself with snacks and other fluids always being in your workout bag. If you have them on hand, you’ll stay on track with hydration.

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Track Your Water Intake

When you have a water intake that’s consistent, you’re going to have far less trouble getting dehydrated. Since you are aware of how close you are to your daily goal, you can pick it up if you are behind on your hydration, or feel confident when you’re ahead of schedule. Track the water you drink every day, and you will see your progress perpetually grow.

Hold Others Accountable

If you hold yourself accountable for hydration, you’re going to probably stick with it. However, if you are holding others accountable and doing the same for them, you’ll be amazed at how instantaneous your growth is. This is a great spot where your teammates can come in and be a huge part of your hydration process. Whether it’s setting a daily goal for yourself or a team goal, others simply being aware of what you’re aiming for keeps you motivated to push forward. Have a board on the wall, start a group chat, or find some other communication platform that keeps your goals in mind for you and your team.

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