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How 24/7 Instant Alerts Can Save Children from Cyberbullying & Predation – TheWiSpy Guide

The internet is bizarre for users. People change their names and personalities to gain your trust. You can not judge the nature or the motive of the other user. It especially addicted our children to cell phones and social platforms. Cyberbullying increases with the time the bully uses the internet to reach victims and send them threatening messages or humiliate them. To defend kids from cyberbullying, parents should get 24/7 instant alerts about their activities. Parents should keep an eye on children if they spend excessive time on the internet or behave differently after using a cell phone. The digital threats to kids are a real worry in the modern world – find out how to keep your family safe online.

Signs of Cyberbullying

Lost Interest

Suppose your child suddenly decreases the usage of the internet or cell phone. Children turn off their cell phones when they come home. They get fear using any technology, and then the child is attacked by cyberbullying.

Get Nervous Using Social Media

Your child gets anxious when you are around them or off their phone screen when you try to check on their devices. They may also delete their all-digital footprint by deleting their social accounts. Sometimes cyberbullying victims change their thinking about social media platforms. They have mood swings related to their presence on social media.

Angry or Disturb

They are in a frustrated mood every time they use a cell phone. They sometimes be slamming their cellphones on the wall or break their phone in an angry mood. This can be a red flag for you. They are trying to stay away from bullies in that frustrating way.

Emotional Damage

Cyberbullying attacks directly into the mentality of kids. It shows signs of depression and stress. It changes kids from inside and outside. You should monitor your child if they become lazy, frustrated, lashing out, or suddenly show anger. This can be because of the victim’s guilt of being trapped. These all signs can lead a child to a significant health issue. So parents should always be aware of these signs.

Not Ready to Share Information

Many victims are afraid to talk about that, especially with their parents. Cyber predators make fear in them or threaten them, so they are unwilling to share their issues. They don’t want to create a more harmful situation for them.

Teens especially do not want to break their personal space. Monitoring child activities for parents is an essential part of life. You can use the best spy apps to monitor your kids’ cellphones so you can find out if they are facing any cyberbullying or not. To get 24/7 instant alerts, you have to make your phone a target. Best spy apps are the most in-use technology to keep track of your target device.

How To Get 24/7 Instant Alerts About Your Children?

Many best spy apps can download on your children’s phones and make it easy to access all their screens. You can monitor their calls, gallery, spy camera, phone contacts, and, most importantly, their social media. In freeways, you can use Google Drive on Android, but you have to grab their phone physically, or without google ID, it never works. If your children are not possessive of their personal space, you can ask for their password. It is the best way to protect them.

On the other hand, you can go for the best spy apps; most of them are paid. But you can try their free trial and demo before purchasing. For Android, you have TheWiSpy free demo available on their website; use that before buying any plan. mSpy and Qustodio are available for iPhone, which gives you a free trial.

How Does a 24/7 Instant Alert Save Your Children from Cyberbullying?

  • You can get a 24/7 instant alert whenever someone tries to break the boundaries of cyberbullying around your children.
  • Get alerts when someone starts flirting with them, especially when they are minors. On the internet, everyone is not fake, so teens should be careful. Don’t treat everything suspiciously.
  • Set the time limit on screen when kids’ excessive cell phone use get an instant alert.
  • Always keep track of your target device. Use a sim change notification, so when your teen changes sims or tries to change, you get a notification.
  • Monitoring children’s virtual activities, check if they receive or send any adult content.
  • If they try to meet someone face to face and contact on calls, you can use the android spy app to get instant alerts on calls or messages.


In this modern era, winning your children’s trust is impossible. They never accept that you put a nose in their personal life. Especially they never want to share social media accounts passwords with you. So you have only one solution to use the best spy apps which can help you monitor your child’s virtual activities, or you can use that to get 24/7 instant alerts when anyone tries to make your children their prey. Cyberbullying is not a simple problem on the internet. It can change your child’s life; it destroys them mentally and physically. So please don’t treat it like it will pass with time. Please take steps to stop it by purchasing the best spy apps. First, take your time and ensure this 24/7 instant alerts feature is available.

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