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Here is how you can Speed Up your Slow Internet Service

A reliable internet connection has now become an absolute essential. With a slow internet connection, you cannot aim for effective work from home, learning online, or even enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Although there is a better replacement for watching TV shows without being dependent on the internet connection. The Spectrum TV select makes it easier for people to enjoy watching popular TV shows while sitting in the comfort of their home.

But this was only about TV, what about the whole lot of duties that depend on the availability of internet at home.

After the coronavirus outbreak, the mega work transition happened to shift people in their homes and work on things available.

For more than a year with the restrictions, lockdown and constant fear of getting infected people were unable to step out of their homes to find a better internet plan for effective remote work. Instead, many of them survived on a slow internet connection for a long time. ‘

However, now as the vaccination rates are increasing in the country and with ease in pandemic-induced restrictions, there is not much of a difficulty for people to find the best internet service in their town.

While changing the slow internet with better intent service is the ultimate solution to all internet problems, but some of you might not be willing to take the easiest path yet so quickly.

For them, the following are some of the ways that can help in catching and solving the internet problems temporarily.

Test your Internet Speed

Before you start finding the quick and easy solution for the slow internet service, you need to know slow it actually is. Through the broadband speed check or internet speed checker you can find out how slow your internet connection is.

By plugging your computer system into your router, you can get the accurate reading for the internet speed and this will help you in finding out if the problem is actually the internet speed, poor Wi-Fi signals, or something else.

The tester can also help you understand the actual download speed you are receiving. By quoting the actual download speed you are receiving, you can take it up to your internet provider to see they are throttling your internet connection.

But before you start accusing your internet provider, here’s a piece of information.

A slow internet speed reading doesn’t necessarily mean that your internet service provider is not providing the speed as promised or that the internet speed in your house is slow. This can also indicate that the setup in your house is causing the internet to slow down your signal.

Find the best position for your Router

If like the majority of internet users you use a Wi-Fi network to connect your devices to the router, then you need to rethink about the position of your router.

Sometimes the router is positioned in a way that does not provide the best signals to the devices.

This way the devices will not work effectively and can cause the internet speed to slow down.

For instance, if you put your router close to the window then half of your Wi-Fi signals will rush out of your window. ‘

This is not the only factor that causes trouble there are many other things that affect the strength of a wireless broadband signal:

Interference on electric equipment such as baby monitors, TV, speakers, microwaves, etc.

  • Walls and radiators
  • Fish tanks
  • Large physical objects block the router and eventually its signals.
  • The best trick is to keep ye router high up where the signals won’t be impeded.

Keep the Router Switched On

Some people tend to switch off their routers when they are not using them. If you are also one such kid then go down this.

When you switch off your router you can make it appear that you are trying to disconnect the broadband. This practice can make your line look unstable and even lead to internet speed being reduced, automatically.

Therefore, if you want to receive improved signals and speed then you need to keep the router switched on, even when you are not using it.

Consider a Wired Connection

If you want your internet to serve only for your working laptop or computer desk then you do not need a wireless broadband connection. Instead, you can use a wired connection which can help you reach faster signals and keep the signals restricted to the device attached.

For the Last Time, Switch to a better Internet Provider

If you have tried all of the tips and tricks to fix your internet speed and you still can not receive the appropriate signals then you need to do the essential; change the internet service provider.


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