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It will surprise you that there are many people who are having teeth misalignment that makes their smile appear improper. These misaligned teeth are either crooked or have problems like overbite, underbite, crossbite, etc. It is not easy to solve the teeth misalignment problem through easy ways. You need to go through some complex treatment processes. Dental braces are one such method for correcting the teeth misalignment problem. They are one of the convenient ways for getting proper teeth alignment.

What are dental braces?

Dental braces are used to straighten or align the teeth to proper position using dental appliances. They are made of brackets, wires, and bands that collectively work for moving the teeth in the desired position. An Orthodontist will guide through the dental braces treatment.

What are the different types of teeth braces?

Some of the major types of teeth braces are listed below:

  1. Metal braces


Metal braces are traditional methods of correcting teeth alignment. These braces include brackets and wires that collectively move the teeth in the desired position to get proper teeth alignment.

  1. Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are similar to that of metal braces. However, they are not easily noticed as they resemble the color similar to that of the natural teeth. The brackets and wires both have color same like that of teeth which becomes difficult to notice. Being more brittle and larger, these braces need more protection while using it.

  1. Lingual braces

Lingual braces are made of heavy metal material and are placed behind the teeth. These braces will give the same result of teeth straightening. However, wearing these braces may have mild difficulty while speaking and irritation to the tongue.

  1. Aligners

Clear aligners do not need wire or braces and they are specialized plastic trays that work to provide proper teeth alignment. Aligners are not easily visible and they can be removed whenever needed. Aligners are more comfortable treatment methods that are more effective to give proper teeth alignment.

What procedure is followed during the dental brace’s treatment?

The Orthodontist first analyses the teeth’ position and then depending on the possibility they will give you the choice for the type of braces. Depending on your choice, the proper procedure will be followed for the type of treatment.

Here is the general procedure followed during the dental brace’s treatment:

  1. Consultation

During the first official appointment, the consultation is done with the Orthodontist. Here, an X-ray is taken to evaluate the position of the teeth and make a proper recommendation of the treatment.

  1. Treatment plan

After understanding the teeth’ position and oral health, you may be suggested with other pre-treatment. This pre-treatment is suggested, if you have problems like decayed teeth that need to be removed, gum disease which needs another treatment method, etc. After everything is clear, the Orthodontist will make a treatment plan as per the type chosen by you.


  1. Getting your braces

Before putting the braces, a little conditioning of the teeth surface is done to ensure that teeth are in better condition. While placing the braces, special dental glue will be placed to hold the braces in the proper position. The braces are then put properly as per the plan to move the teeth in the desired position.

  1. Adjustments on every new appointment

After getting the braces, the patient must visit the Orthodontist’s office after some period as per the appointment given. During this appointment, the Orthodontist will make some adjustments to the braces which can move the teeth from the current location to the desired location.

  1. Retainers

After the completion of the braces period, there are possibilities of teeth moving out of corrected position or new move to the new position. Wearing the retainers is the solution to ensure teeth do not move and remain incorrect position. Retainers must be put as per the suggestions given by the Orthodontist to get proper teeth alignment.

What are the costs for the teeth braces treatment?

The cost for the teeth braces treatment depends on several factors.

Some of the major factors that decide the cost of the teeth braces are:

  1. Type of the treatment

The cost of the treatment will depend on the type of treatment opted for you. Metal braces are the least costly treatment method, the ceramic braces will have a little more cost than the metal braces. Aligners have a high cost of treatment compared to other methods.

  1. Initial adjustment treatment

The cost will also include the initial treatment cost necessary for putting the braces. These costs may include unwanted teeth removal, root canal treatment, dental implant, etc.

  1. Service provider cost

The cost of the service provider will differ from one provider to another. Depending on the caliber and expertise the cost is decided.

  1. Location

The cost will also vary to some extent from one location to another. The location can vary from one town to another and one country to another.

Dental braces are effective ways for correcting misaligned teeth for straightening teeth. They help to enhance your smile with proper teeth alignment.

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