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Choosing the Best Warts Treatment for You

Picking the best wart treatment for you does not have to be very much of a challenge. And you do not have to give up and choose to live with warts on your skin. Different kinds of warts can appear on different parts of the skin and these warts mostly derive their names from the parts of the skin on which they appear. There are genital warts which appear on the genitals, facial warts which appear on the face, plantar warts which appear on the soles of the feet, filiform warts which appear around the mouth or nose and sometimes, on the neck or under the chin and Palmer warts which appear on the hand. Every one of these warts is caused by a strain of the Human Papillomavirus popularly called HPV. They can usually be contracted by direct contact with people who have these warts or direct contact with places that have been in direct contact with infected people. The good news, however, is that these warts can mostly be treated as easily as they come.

There are lots of simple wart treatments to choose from. You simply need to determine which one of these is the best wart treatment for you based on factors such as the kind of wart you have, how effective a particular treatment has been or any other medical condition you might have. Some doctors say that the best wart treatment is no treatment at all because the immune system, under normal circumstances, can fight and cause them to clear out on their own. However, if they are painful and unsightly and you choose to treat them, here are a few general methods you can choose from.

The above-given wart treatment methods are among the best wart treatments available and have been very effective in the treatment of warts for many people. These treatments can generally be used to eliminate warts on most parts of the skin. As earlier said, however, you should determine which treatment is best for you based on factors such as the type of wart you have, the effectiveness of the treatment you choose and any medical condition you might have. Be conscious of the pros and cons of any treatment you choose so as to be sure which is the best wart treatment for you. Learn all you can about any treatment method you choose to be sure that it is what your skin needs.

If your warts are on your face, a very delicate part of the body, you should avoid a surgery to avoid scars unless it is absolutely required. You should also be careful with the use of very acidic wart remedies to avoid experiencing a burn. People who have broken or bleeding skin should not use remedies such as the tea tree oil as it can cause irritations. People with sensitive skin should mix the tea tree oil, if they choose this remedy, with a gentle oil like olive oil.

If you are diabetic, you should check with your doctor to help you choose the best wart treatment for you as some treatments may be unsuitable and sometimes ineffective for diabetics. Also, if you have a weak immune system or a condition like peripheral arterial disease, you should consult your doctor to work with you in choosing the best wart treatment so as to avoid infections.

If you have a case of stubborn warts that keep recurring, your doctor may have to prescribe more aggressive methods of treating your warts. If your warts cover a large area of skin, then the best wart treatment for you may be one such as the use of salicylic acid instead of more painful methods that could result in scars.

You should also be careful about the treatment you choose if you are pregnant. Generally, it is advisable that you do not self-medicate during pregnancy. Your doctor is in the position to pick the best wart treatment for you especially if the warts are in an area like the vagina and are very large or tend to grow during the pregnancy.

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