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Buying a new cannabis strain versus creating a new one

As a cannabis grower, you like to cultivate the weed of different strains. You buy pot seeds online from the seed banks and grow them in your yard. But, some growers and consumers feel bored with feminized and regular strains. They like to try out new cannabis strains. However, should they purchase a new strain or create a new one with the right cultivation techniques? When the price is the biggest factor, you can claim that it is better to buy the new cannabis strain from a store. Still, there are some things to be analyzed to make a better decision.

To buy the new strain, you need to pay for the seeds and delivery service. On the contrary, when you like to grow a unique strain, your costs include the seeds of the parent strains, growing kits, water, electricity, and fertilizer.

Check the more detailed analysis of the two options-

Buy a new strain- Advantages

While buying seeds of new strains, you can ensure that they are tested thoroughly. They will easily germinate into plants. Moreover, the sellers will inform you about the seed quality. You may avoid wasting money on non-viable seeds.

As you like to save time in growing the garden, you can buy seeds of your strain. These seeds will germinate within a short time. You may ask your breeders to provide a germination guide to sprout seeds into seedlings.

Disadvantages of buying seeds of new strains

It is not always easy to find seeds of the desired hybrid strains. Moreover, some seeds may be costly for you. That is why you can think of creating strains by applying the crossbreeding technique.

Create your unique cannabis strain- Advantages and disadvantages

Professional growers like to grow a hybrid strain on their own. You may also find interest in creating a new strain with your effort. The new strain will be potent and have therapeutic value. Although it sounds good, you have to invest a good amount in breeding a new strain. You need to buy seeds, fertilizers, and some other things for cultivation. It is also not easy to manage nutrient deficiency. Moreover, you must test the potency level of your strain, and thus, you have to purchase a testing kit.

Still, there are ways to overcome these problems.

Tips to save money on creating your new cannabis strain-

  • Recycle and reuse your old cannabis growing tents
  • You may also reuse old soil after checking the nutrient level and quality.
  • You can clean your old pots to reuse them. Make sure that you have properly sterilized them to avoid contamination to your plants.
  • Look for discounts on the best pot seeds needed for breeding.
  • Do not breed several plants at a time to use fewer resources.

You can now easily decide on the more cost-effective option. Choose the reliable seed banks to purchase your marijuana seeds. The seed quality is the most important factor while growing marijuana of any strain.

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