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Back Pain Treatment with Physical Therapy

Back pain can come on suddenly after an accident, or develop slowly because of chronic conditions. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we work with a wide range of clients try to manage or eliminate their back pain. Whether you are dealing with arthritis, muscle strain, or an injury, physical therapy can make the process of recovery easier. Stretching, strengthening muscles, and improving blood flow to the painful areas can all decrease your pain levels. Physical therapy does not use prescription medication, and is an excellent therapy to consider when trying to heal naturally.

How Physical Therapy Works

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy in Grand Junction, we work to develop a treatment plan with your help. Physical therapy works by identifying underlying issues that are the root cause of your pain. A treatment plan is developed to address any issues that are causing your pain. You will discuss your treatment goals, as this helps you and your therapist to see how your progress is going. Physical therapy works because it allows your body to heal, and get stronger at the same time.

Understanding Your Physical Therapy in Montrose

When it comes to physical therapy, what you put into it is just as important as what your physical therapist provides for treatment. You will learn stretches, exercises, and receive treatment on a consistent basis to aid you in the healing process. If you skip appointments, or don’t do your exercise program, you aren’t going to recover as easily. Learn the exercises you are prescribed, and do your exercises every day. Your efforts will make a big difference, and you will have a better chance at healing.

Why Physical Therapy Matters

You might be skeptical about physical therapy in Grand Junction. It is important to remember that physical therapy will look at underlying conditions, and help you optimize your body. Arthritis may be present, but there are ways to minimize the impact arthritis is having on your body. Physical therapy allows you to improve your mobility, which will help increase your overall health. As you move with less pain, you will find yourself exercising more.

What to Expect in Treatment

Physical therapy is not a passive type of treatment. While there are times when you will get soft tissue therapy, ultrasound, or hot and cold therapy, other times you are going to be doing exercises to strengthen your body. You may go on a treadmill as part of your treatment, or ride a stationary bike to get blood flowing. It is likely that you will see a physical therapist two or three times a week at the beginning of treatment, and only taper down once your symptoms improve.

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we are ready to talk to you about the problems you are having with your physical health. When you want to heal your body without medication, it’s time to see what physical therapy can do. Whether you have neck pain, lower back pain, or poor mobility, the benefits of physical therapy are worth the effort.

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