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Allergy Immunotherapy Service very effective for chronic allergy.

While Allergy Immunotherapy Service has proven to be very effective for several people that suffer chronic allergy symptoms, many suffer still didn’t receive treatment. Immunotherapy is typically tailored to the patient and unfortunately involves frequent shots over a 3–5-year period and lots of trips to the doctor’s office. it’s best if done early in one’s life when a severe allergy is first recognized.

Now a replacement study out of Switzerland has found that direct shots to the lymph gland may greatly reduce both the number of shots and therefore the number of times they’re needed. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences studied 100 pollinosis suffers and divided them into two groups, one received traditional Best Allergy Shots in Westford Ma and therefore the other lymph gland shots.

Those who had traditional shots received 54 shots over a 3-year period, while the lymph gland group only received 3 shots over a 2-month period. Researchers found that the lymph gland group had fewer side effects to the shots and delayed also as traditional shots. The group also had fewer fallback allergy symptoms requiring medication. Though lymph gland shots may sound more painful, the lymph gland actually contains no nerves and most participants report less pain. Lymph nodes play a key role within the function of the body’s system and therefore the shots attack allergies more directly. This more direct approach results in a 1000-fold reduction within the amount of allergen that was needed to be injected into the participants.

The results could improve the life-style of those that suffer severe allergies and have a positive economic impact on society. Fewer doctor visits mean lower healthcare expenses also as less frequent sick days by those that suffer from severe allergies. More study is however needed to validate the study and prove the longer-term effectiveness of lymph gland shots.

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