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3 Surprising Ways You Can Maintain Clean, Healthy, Cavity-Free Teeth

Oral health is an indicator of your overall well-being, and many say that teeth are the first thing they notice in a person, making taking care of them crucial for leaving a good first impression.

Not to mention how having clean, pearly-white teeth gives people the idea that you take care of your health, which is an attractive quality to have. Also, well-maintained teeth are viewed as a sign of good genetics.

That being said, it is necessary to have an oral hygiene routine that involves brushing, flossing, and regular dentist visits to keep your teeth in check.

However, there are some lesser-known practices that may help conserve your teeth and strengthen them. And we are here to fill you in on 3 surprising ways you can maintain clean, healthy, cavity-free teeth.

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Chewing Gum

Although chewing gum is commonly viewed in a negative light, it can actually have a multitude of advantages for oral health.

Choosing the right gum to nibble on can drastically benefit your teeth’ condition when combined with a regular at-home oral hygiene routine, and in order to harvest these benefits, you should steer clear from gum types that are loaded with sugar.

In fact, many dentists around the world recommend sugar-free gum after meals to fight cavities, and that’s because the act of chewing increases salivation, diluting acids produced by plaque bacteria which can result in tooth decay over time.

Besides, saliva contains calcium and phosphate, which can help remineralize the enamel after it’s been stripped of key components and minerals due to acidic foods.

So next time you are considering getting some gum, consider buying a sugarless brand so that you can enjoy the flavor while still protecting your teeth.

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Sugarless Candy

Similar to chewing gum, sucking on a piece of candy stimulates saliva flow, lifting bacteria and acids off your teeth’s surface and washing it off when you swallow.

Besides neutralizing acids and remineralizing the enamel, saliva also contains fluoride, which reinforces the tooth and strengthens its structure with cavity-resistant fluorapatite crystals, buffering the effects of acids on the enamel.

Also, stimulated saliva contains higher rates of protein, forming a layer over the enamel that protects from erosion.

However, if your candy of choice is a regular one containing loads of sugar, it will do the opposite of protecting your teeth and instead be a potential cause for cavities.

Crunchy foods

Not to be mistaken for crisps and chips, which contain a lot of carbohydrates that feed the bacteria in the mouth, stimulating more acid production; crunchy foods like celery, carrots, and apples can help keep your teeth in great condition, and here’s why!

Contrary to popular belief, vegetables like celery and carrots do not harm your teeth. They actually contain loads of fiber and water, and their crunchiness mimics the effects of teeth brushing, deeply cleaning your teeth just as a toothbrush would.

Also, munching on these water-rich crunchy foods gives your jaw a much-needed workout. Celery and carrots actually strengthen your jaw muscles, massage your gums, and clean your teeth all in one snack break.

On the other hand, apples contain loads of sugar which may cause them to rank low on the list of foods that are good for your teeth. However, they compensate with plenty of water and fiber, the water dilutes the sugars and the chewing increases saliva, which is quite beneficial, as mentioned previously.

Although the practices mentioned earlier can help protect your teeth and maintain good oral health, they are in no way a replacement for a proper daily oral hygiene routine. Instead, they should be implemented as supplementary behaviors that boost your dental health.

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