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11 natural and home remedies for erectile dysfunction

Everyone knows what is it and what are the under lying cause.  ED means not getting enough erection during sex.  It is enough to destroy the social confidence and self esteem of any people in an instant. Several underlying conditions play a major role behind ED. But whatever the underlying condition, it is possible to fix this problem with the right medicine Fildena 100, therapy, natural treatment. Most doctors now opt for natural treatments for those with low incidence of ED. There are various natural treatments available that may prevent ED from its root. Here are 11 natural treatments or home remedies mentioned below, that can treat the problem.

  1. Health diet

A healthy diet solves many problems in the body. This is also true for erectile dysfunction. Proper Food makes direct affect on your sex drive, so erectile dysfunction can be removed with healthy diet. You should keep the fruits, vegetable, whole grain, and fish on your diet. These all can play a leading role in Treating ED Like Cenforce 100 or other sexual disorders. Red meat and refined grains can make effect on your sexual ability. So it is better to cut off these foods from your diet.

Try to add the vegetable with your diet like Spinach, apple, avocado, tomato, Watermelon, Garlic, and fish-rich with Omega-3 and also different Nitrate-rich vegetables.

  1. Nitrate-rich vegetables: 

Low Nitrate level in the body may causes the erectile dysfunction.  beets and collard greens to your diet then the problem can be easily solved. These vegetables has many benefits, beside these, it can increase the blood flow in all over the body as well as your penis.

  1. Getting proper sleep 

According to some research, sleep has very close relation with testosterone levels which can increase the sex function, and sex hormones. Low-quality sleep may effect on your sex drive and lower down your sexual ability, leads to ED.

  1. Manage your Stress, anxiety or depression

Stress, anxiety depression may lead various health problems. So now these problems are significant issues worldwide that make your daily life problematic. It is stated in the recent report of WHO, Stress, anxiety are estimated as the second serious health problem in the years of 2020. Stress, anxiety depression are also the underlying health condition of ED or important. There are lots of therapy and counseling that help to manage these problems.

  1. Taking herbal remedies 

 Sometime, herbal remedies can improve various symptoms of erectile function. Research says, the Red ginseng and pomegranate juice do the excellent job in preventing the erectile dysfunction. So it can improve the blood flow to different parts of the body as it is a powerful antioxidant, which helps to prevent atherosclerosis.

  1. Taking the vitamins and Supplements 

Vitamins and supplements may also play an imperative role in treating the ED Tadalafil Vidalista 20. There are lots of vitamins and supplement which help to enhance the blood flow level in the penis or other sex organ. Now Most of the medical practitioners prescribe the particular vitamin or natural supplements to prevent this sexual disorder. It works really great than any other drugs. Adequate vitamin and supplements such DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone, Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbe, etc may improve the sexual ability.

  1. Quit Smoking 

It can be benefitted for you if you are suffering from the ED due to vascular disease which cause the blockage or narrowing of the arteries. So limited blood supply to the penis and EDR become limited. So you can be affected by erectile dysfunction. so you need to stop taking the tobacco.

  1. Limiting or stop Alcohol 

 Alcohol acts as a depressant and create temporary as well as long-term erectile dysfunction.  Nitric oxide naturally produce chemical which may maintain the erection. This substance release from The central nervous. Heavy alcohol consumption make the central nervous system depressed, so nervous system cannot function properly.

10. Exercise and proper workout 

The lifestyle changes may be one of the effective ways to prevent erectile dysfunction.

A slim body without more fat functions more efficiently. It allows you to fight against the sexual problem, such as impotence or ED. So acquiring a proper weight is effective strategy that helps you to prevent ED or other sexual problem.

Proper exercise and yoga can improve blood flow that is really vital for getting a strong erection. It can also increase the nitric oxide level in the blood, improving blood pressure on the penis. In this situation, you have to go with Weight-bearing exercise that effectively improves the testosterone level in the blood. Testosterone is the natural produce sex hormone that controls the sexual ability. It also increases interest of sex. So it can lessen the chance of ED.

  1. Take Care of Your Teeth

Possibly not taking care of the teeth or not seeing the dentist is a sign of irregular life journey. This is because studies have shown that more than 200,000 men with periods of chronic gum disease (periodontitis) suffer from sexual problems. Dental problems more than double the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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